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Agile topics as they strike my fancy.

My personal focus of agile is the translation of theory into practice, especially in terms of tooling. (Sounds like a contradiction, right?)

Crash Course-Exposure

This is a crash course in the Big Three of photo exposure.  I’ll run through a quick discussion of aperture (f stop), shutter speed, and ISO, and follow up with how you control them on a Canon DSLR interface.

It’s Time for a New Camera!

I’m about to buy a new Canon DSLR.  But how do you choose from the swarm of models out there? Here’s a quick review of some of the relevant specs, and how I made my decision.

runDisney Star Wars Dark Side Half

Time Overall: 3:43:16 (17:20) 5k Split: 56:41 (18:15) 10k Split: 1:46:28 (17:08) 15k Split: 2:36:14 (16:46) Place Overall: 15258/16315 (Bottom 6%) Women: 8047/8800 (Bottom 9%) Division: 1356/1496 (Bottom 9%)  


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