Translating Tech Writing skills to Project Leadership

I’m often asked why I chose project management after 15 years as a technical writer. While one reason was definitely the increased earning potential, the deciding factor was how well key skills translated to my new role. Here’s a short list of the technical writing skills that I use every day as a project manager: […]

Crash Course-Exposure

This is a crash course in the Big Three of photo exposure.  I’ll run through a quick discussion of aperture (f stop), shutter speed, and ISO, and follow up with how you control them on a Canon DSLR interface.

It’s Time for a New Camera!

I’m about to buy a new Canon DSLR.  But how do you choose from the swarm of models out there? Here’s a quick review of some of the relevant specs, and how I made my decision.

runDisney Star Wars Dark Side Half

Time Overall: 3:43:16 (17:20) 5k Split: 56:41 (18:15) 10k Split: 1:46:28 (17:08) 15k Split: 2:36:14 (16:46) Place Overall: 15258/16315 (Bottom 6%) Women: 8047/8800 (Bottom 9%) Division: 1356/1496 (Bottom 9%)  


Running, or at least training, is like marriage.  At first, it’s easy.  But the time will come when you’re facing the same old route, when you can see every mile ahead of you, when you can feel every pounding footfall in your eyelids.  At that moment, temptation will come.  And the only thing will put […]

rundisney Star Wars Light Side Half

Time: Overall: 3:32:13 (16:12) 5k split: 51:46 (16:39) 10k split: 1:36:45 (15:35) 15k split: 2:23:55 (16:09) Place: 5932/7028 Women (bottom 12%) 10937/12434 Overall (bottom 16%) 1058/1253 Division (ages 35 to 39) (bottom 16%) It was cold. Unseasonably cold. Lined up at 4 am, and didn’t cross the start line till 6:30, so everything was stiff. […]

sentient v. sapient

sentient: responsive to or conscious of sense impressions <sentient beings>   sapient: possessing or expressing great sagacity sagacious: a ) of keen and farsighted penetration and judgment: discerning <sagacious judge of character>; b) caused by or indicating acute discernment <sagacious purchase of stock> — Webster’s Dictionary One could say that a sentient being responds to sense impressions, and a sapient being is capable […]

Hill Country Halloween Half Marathon

Date:  2016-10-29 Time:  03:07 Avg. Pace:  14:27 Overall Place:  362/374 (bottom 3%) This was technically my second half marathon, but only the first I finished.  This race proved that I could do the impossible, that I could make it, that I could do it at a Disney minimum pace.  This was months, years of training and […]