This was technically my second half marathon, but only the first I finished.  This race proved that I could do the impossible, that I could make it, that I could do it at a Disney minimum pace.  This was months, years of training and improvement.  It’s job was to take the edge off of the Disney Star Wars races I’ll be attempting in 2017.

It was a weird experience.  The race was right near the house, and there was no reason to ask Jeff to wait around 3 hours while I trundled along, so I drove myself.  I arrived early in the morning, made sure my kit was all in place, lined up, and started off without talking to a soul.  I ran alone – I was at the very back of the pack until mile 6, when I started steadily passing people as their paces slowed down, and mine remained exactly the same.

When I came to the finish line,  the festivities were over.  Torchy’s Tacos had long since packed up and left, and most of the families were gone.  I’m not even IN any of the official photos of the event.  If not for my chip time and the medal, I couldn’t prove I even ran the thing.

But that happens, sometimes.  A milestone in your life may pass quietly.  There may be no fanfare. Still, I like the think that making it left an indelible, if invisible, mark.  No one can take this success from me.