I’m Melissa Goldin, and this is an old-school blog. I’ve been missing longer form content of late, so this is my landing pad.


Technical writer of 15 years for IT, O&G, and Government


Amateur photographer who loves landscapes, travel, and shooting from a kayak

Scrum Master

SAFe certified scrum master and technical SME on various agile tools

The Latest

Crash Course-Exposure

This is a crash course in the Big Three of photo exposure.  I’ll run through a quick discussion of aperture (f stop), shutter speed, and ISO, and follow up with how you control them on a Canon DSLR interface.

It’s Time for a New Camera!

I’m about to buy a new Canon DSLR.  But how do you choose from the swarm of models out there? Here’s a quick review of some of the relevant specs, and how I made my decision.